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Revolutionizing Urban Mobility: VizioSense and RMS Transform Parking in Luxembourg

Pioneering Smart Parking Solutions, One City at a Time

Circling a busy city in search of that elusive parking spot is a universal frustration. At VizioSense, we're working to eradicate this annoyance, and our partner RMS is right there with us on the front lines in Luxembourg.

With our flagship product, VizioPark, we've equipped Ettelbruck with 29 AI-powered sensors that revolutionize parking space monitoring. These sensors provide real-time updates on availability and occupancy duration, creating fair access for all visitors and helping city officials make data-driven urban development decisions.

Public Data, Public Good: VizioPark Powers Ettelbruck's Open Data Initiative

In a forward-thinking approach to transparency, Ettelbruck makes the real-time status of parking spaces publicly available on their website. What's powering this real-time data feed? It's none other than our VizioPark system. You can check out the live parking status here.

The availability of this data beautifully exemplifies the transformative power of smart technology, improving urban living for everyone. With the integration of VizioPark, Ettelbruck is taking a significant stride towards becoming a truly smart city.

RMS: Our Partner in Success

Our partnership with RMS has been key to our achievements in Luxembourg. RMS uses our API to create a comprehensive solution that includes a software platform and digital signage. They also manage the installation and maintenance of the VizioPark sensors, demonstrating the possibilities when hardware, software, and expertise converge.

The VizioPark system has proved a game-changer not just in Ettelbruck, but also across other Luxembourg cities. This is not only due to its unrivaled precision but also the autonomy it offers to integrator partners like RMS for installation, configuration, and maintenance.

Our shared success story doesn't end here. Together with RMS, we're actively seeking new opportunities across Luxembourg, targeting shopping malls, airports, and Park & Ride parking lots near train stations.

As we continue to improve and expand, our goal remains the same: to make parking easier, smarter, and more efficient for everyone. Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and transform urban mobility one parking spot at a time!


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