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Say goodbye to the frustrations of finding a parking spot, understand your occupancy rates, and effectively manage your capacity. Using computer vision on the edge, VizioSense provides innovative solutions with real-time data to optimize operations, enhance the user experience and enable informed decision-making based on accurate, reliable data. Discover how our solutions can be adapted to different sectors.

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Interested in obtaining information on the duration of vehicle parking downtown or at charging stations? Our solutions ensure efficient turnover and thorough analysis of mobility patterns.


Our applications enable Airports to monitor the flow of people by zone, track entries and exits, and count people or vehicles in queues, which is particularly useful for efficiently managing taxi services. 

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Train Stations

It is now possible to count in real-time the number of people present in train stations, anticipate risks of overcrowded halls and gates, as well as monitoring the number of available spaces in outdoor parking lots.


Do you want to track the flow of people entering and exiting your stores or in queues? Are you able to determine the hot and cold areas of your selling space? Our solutions offer you this capability.



"Has the truck arrived to start loading?" "Are there indeed the expected number of pallets in the truck?" “What is the physical real-time inventory of boxes containing tools or parts?”
These questions are no longer a concern, thanks to our solutions.

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