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Redefining Computer Vision with AI and unparalleled privacy


We provide a variety of embedded Computer Vision applications


VizioPark™ revolutionizes parking space monitoring by utilizing AI-powered sensors to detect availability without requiring individual sensors for each spot. With its privacy-conscious design and industry-leading performance, VizioPark™ offers a simple installation process for efficient, reliable parking management.

park 1.jpg

Occupation status

Occupation duration

park 2.jpg

Alerts on thresholds

Occupancy rate & detailed analytics 


VizioCount™ empowers you to accurately and effectively count people or objects, such as vehicles, using our advanced AI camera technology. Ideal for density management, inventory control, security, or insightful analytics, VizioCount™ streamlines and optimizes your operations with precision and ease.

Real-time people
& vehicle

Classified and
directional counting

Line crossing or area 
counting methods

Alerts on defined
event or thresholds


VizioCrowd™ enables People Counting in very dense environments by utilizing AI-powered sensors to detect the number of heads in a zone of interest. With its privacy-conscious design and industry-leading performance, VizioCrowd™ offers a simple way to monitor the occupancy level of an area and take actions to avoid crowd movement.

crowd 1.jpg

Line or zone counting

Alerts on thresholds


Our dedicated research team consistently pushes the boundaries of AI and computer vision to create innovative and efficient applications. If you haven't found the solution you're looking for, it may already be part of our portfolio, under development in our roadmap, or available for custom development upon request.

Night Shift at Office
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We respect privacy by analyzing images at the edge

Championing Privacy with Edge-Processed Analysis

VizioSense leverages the latest AI chips and deep learning techniques to provide powerful, accurate, and privacy-conscious computer vision applications. By processing images at the edge, we prioritize individuals' privacy without compromising performance. Our strong academic foundation drives us to develop cutting-edge AI solutions that push the boundaries of what's currently possible.

High accuracy

Low Operational costs


Quick ROI

The best mix of hardware and computer vision techniques to provide unmatched performance

Telecom bill and data storage reduced to the minimum.

The image is processed at the edge so that just occupation information is extracted and sent to the cloud

Large number of spots covered by each camera


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