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The image is processed at the edge so that just occupation information is extracted and sent to the cloud

Highest Accuracy

The best mix of hardware and computer vision techniques to provide unmatched performance

Low OPEX & Quick ROI

Telecom bill & data storage reduced to the minimum. Large number of spots covered by each sensor

The most reliable 
Parking solution on the

The VizioPark solution has revolutionized the intelligent parking technology sector by integrating advanced artificial intelligence features into its sensors. Designed to improve the parking experience, this innovation is versatile, applicable to urban environments, airports, trains stations, rest areas, and much more. VizioPark's AI-equipped sensors enable optimized management of parking spaces by providing real-time information on availability and facilitating navigation for drivers. 

 VizioPark's Key Features

Real-time parking placeoccupancy
Parking duration
per spot
Occupancy rate &
detailed analytics
Alerts for unauthorized

Uses cases

City Parking
Shopping Malls &
Cultural Site Parking
EV Charging Stations
Motorway Rest
Logistics Hubs
Reserved Parking Spaces (delivery, bus stops, private property..)

Parking detection and analysis

  • Non-intrusive sensors
  • Local image analysis
  • Minimal data transmission
  • Best combination of Hardware and Computer Vision
  • Unparalleled performance
platform VizioPark.png

Integrator Platform

  • Self configuration of the parking application
  • Remote maintenance and automated quality audit
  • Real-time access to anonymized images
  • Remote sensor software updates

Exceptional performance

Adapting to changing weather patterns


Works day and night 

Value for citizens

The parking information is then relayed to digital signages, which you can split into 3 categories : 
  • Number of standard spots available
  • Number of spots for person with reduced mobility
  • Number of spots with EV charging
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