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The image is processed at the edge so that just counting information is extracted and sent to the cloud

Highest Accuracy

The best mix of hardware and computer vision techniques to provide unmatched performance

Low OPEX & Quick ROI

Telecom bill & data storage reduced to the minimum. Counting data sent at the frequency of your choice

The most ethical, accurate density measurement solution for people in crowded 



The VizioCrowd solution has been designed to count people & pedestrians in dense environments. This innovation can be used within public places welcoming large crowds for statistics or capacity management while respecting privacy.

 VizioCrowd's Key Features

Line or zone counting
Alerts on thresholds

Uses cases

Train station halls
Airport halls
Concerts & festivals
Large intersections

Counting and analysis

  • Non-intrusive sensors
  • Local image analysis
  • Minimal data transmission
  • Best combination of Hardware and Computer Vision
  • Unparalleled performance

Integrator Platform

  • Remote supervision and configuration
  • Anonymised real-time image retrieval for quality audits and maintenance
  • Regular and remote system update
  • Min/max average data sent every X second

Exceptional performance

Adapting to changing weather patterns 


Works day and night 

Value for the end-user

Create your own dashboard and alerts based on events : 
  • Capacity management 
  • Mobility studies
  • Flow management
  • Frequentation rate
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