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Fullstack Developer

We are looking for a passionate, dedicated and team-oriented Full Stack Developer, with a proven experience in back-end and front-end development, a sound knowledge of cloud architecture and DevOps practices.




Full time

What You’ll Do

As a part of our infrastructure team and under the direct supervision of our CTO, you will be responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining our end-to-end cloud-based platform. In particular, this includes the following primary responsibilities:

  • Design, implement and maintain our cloud-based platform using open source and/or Amazon AWS based technologies.

  • Facilitate the delivery of our services and applications by applying and maintaining DevOps practices in our code ecosystem.

  • You are a team-player, with a strong taste for self improvement and sharing technical- and non-technical knowledge with your peers.

  • Remain up-to-date with the most relevant tools and technologies at the bleeding edge.

Who You are

  • Academic degree and experience level: A relevant technological degree with 2 to 5 years of successful professional experience in a relevant position are required.

  • Strong basics in software engineering are expected, Object-Oriented Programming and design, big O notation, code optimization and profiling.

  • Proven experience with Python 3+, microservices architectures, REST APIs and using Docker.

  • A deep understanding of popular front-and back-end tools and frameworks, microservice architectures and RESTful APIs. In particular, our prefered stack comprises JavaScript (React, Node, TypeScript and Angular), Python (Django), PhP (Laravel) and MongoDB.

  • Good knowledge of Docker, cloud architecture and the Amazon AWS ecosystem in particular are very welcome.

  • Development and integration practices, including code versioning using Git and modern DevOps (CI/CD) practices in a cloud context.

  • Technical english is mandatory.

  • Other technical nice-to-haves: Prior substantial experience in IoT.

  • Soft skills and culture fit: Team player, autonomous, goal-oriented, organized and patient.

Why Join us?

  • We are an ambitious, passionate, fun and talented team made of engineers, researchers and business people with the common goal to bring ethical and autonomous AI to help cities and industries become a better place.

  • We are dreamers and pushing through technical limits and current scientific state-of-the-art is inscribed in our DNA.

  • We have secured a SEED investment funding and have won a major business market.

  • We are lucky enough to receive continual help and feedback from world class advisors in Telecoms, IoT, tech and business.

  • We are also backed by three prestigious start-up acceleration programs, namely, the Alacrity foundation (Lille), Station F (Paris) and the start-up program provided by Ecole des Ponts ParisTech.

  • Our culture is designed to make our workplace fun, flexible and enjoyable to all.

  • We are parents, brothers, sisters, partners, hikers, chess- and sports players that value the time we all need to be better, happier human beings and enjoy life.

What we offer

  • Contract type: Full-time position (CDI).

  • Location: Lille (downtown) and partly remote.

  • Salary & equity: Competitive package, based on profile and experience.

  • Other benefits and perks: 50% of public transportation fees, 70% health insurance and free coffee!

How to apply?

You can apply by sending an email to careers at or through our online application system at by including (i) a resume (up to date), (ii) a cover letter and (iii) any information that would be deemed useful in assessing the application (e.g., list of prior technical or academic projects, research papers if applicable, reference letters etc)..

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